We inspire those around us to discover self-esteem and a sense of personal value


Supported living, employment,  and day services  


Providing care and supervision to children and adults living with their families, referred by Far Northern Regional Center


Meaningful employment and doing for others.

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The individual, not the service provider , decides where he or she will live, and with whom

Supported Living

IIn-Home ​Respite 

​​​My Life 

in the words of  Jim H.

All my life, I have been told what I can and cannot do.  I was told because of my disabilities I would never be able to drive, I would never live on my own and I would never work in a full time job.  

Never give up!

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IIn-Home ​Respite 

Terry's Thoughts

25 years ago, Terry's son Ben, was born.  He is deaf-blind and uses a wheelchair.  She accepts the obstacles that she faces and dedicates herself to helping others. Terry's thoughts come from 2-1/2 decades of getting to know her son and the world he lives in.  

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Day Services

Beyond Inclusion offers individuals an opportunity to:  give and do for others; achieve meaningful paid and/or volunteer work; be empowered to support their own social inclusion; and grow their network of support.​​

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