Dave and Jamie

Supported living offers an array of services that are available to anyone who desires to live in their own home (or whose family, advocate, or conservator desires this service for her or him when someone cannot express their own choice). The service includes facilitation, instruction, support, and assistance to live in the home of his or her choice. 


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Dom and Ray


​All people, as human begins are inherently valuable regardless of the severity of their disability.  All people are entitled to conditions which foster their development which includes the opportunity to live in their own homes and in communities of their own choosing.  All people are entitled to be full members of the community in which they live, to feel safe in their homes and communities, and to exercise individual choice​.

A home of one's own

Individuals live in homes that they own, lease, or rent like other members of their community. They chose where they live and with whom.  


Flexible, tailored services and supports

Service plans reflect the support that each individual wants and needs. Plans do change as wants and needs change. 


community membership 

Individuals fully participate in the mainstream of community life according to personal choice and preference. 


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Michelle and Kelly

All people have fundamental moral and constitutional rights and among these rights is the right to community living.  All people, as human beings, are inherently valuable, can grow and develop, and all people are entitled to conditions which foster their development.