Travel Training

Learning to read the bus schedule and plan how to navigate the community.

Household Activities

Some of the things this activity includes is laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, keeping a tidy home.

An individuals curriculum as a service provided by Independent Living Services includes:

Travel Training

​Functioning Money Skills and Budgeting

Social and Communication Skills

Meal Planning

Personal Hygiene

Emergency Prepardness

Household Activities


Social Skills


Self-Determination Skills,

and more

How does it work?

Independent Living Services

​To support adults of all ages with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities during a transition in their life.  This includes adults 18 and over that are transitioning from the education system where they have a broad range of supports that will not be available to them upon exiting, and adults of any age transitioning from the family home or a group home, to a home of their own.  


Social Skills

Receive support and learn how to;  listen, develop and maintain friendships, be patient, maintain good hygiene and the role it plays in developing social skills.


AMJaMB will provide one on one staffing for instruction and activities in the community or in the home.  AMJaMB’s focus is on self-determination skills, vocational skills, independent living skills, and community inclusion.


service hours and scheduling 

Individuals are offered the service hours authorized by the regional center each month. The days and times of service are developed between AMJaMB and at the convenience of the individual receiving the service. 


valued experiences

AMJaMB’s Independent Living Service includes five valued experiences: (1) Belonging, (2) Choosing, (3) Contributing, (4) Share ordinary spaces; and (5) Being respected.