paid internship program

The purpose of the program is to increase vocational skills and abilities of consumers who choose to participate in an internship. Goals of this program include the acquisition of experience and skills for future paid employment, or internship itself to lead to full or part time paid employment in the same job. 

Individual program plan

Via the Individual Program Plan a plan will be established that identifies the consumer's interest in the Paid Internship Program and training to be provided that will increase vocational skills and abilities. 


paid intern positions 

Consumers will be provided details about each intern position available, what is expected of the consumer to reach their goal, and hourly wage. 


employment related supports

Training supports can include individualized duty related supports, professional appearance, timely attendance, time management, and more. 

How does it work?

how to start

An individual interested in a Paid Internship position must be a client of Far Northern Regional Center

Contact AMJaMB at 530-872-3627 to arrange a meeting to discuss available Paid Internship positions available

If interested in a position that is available contact your service coordinator at the regional center.

Upon regional center authorization, the Individual Program Plan will be developed