in home respite

​Our purpose is to provide care and companionship to the loved ones (and their siblings) of families and caregivers living in Butte County.  It is an opportunity for families and caregivers to renew themselves, to renew their relationships with loved-ones and friends, and to be given an opportunity to work at jobs outside the home if they choose.

goals of service​

Based upon the philosophy of individualized services and supports, the goals of AMJaMB In-Home services are:

1.  Support the expression of affection through smiles and appropriate touches.

2.  Celebrate a person's accomplishments.

3.  Interact with the person as if the were any community member, because they are.

4.  Laugh, and laugh often.

5.  Listen to what a person is saying, because it is important to them.  

In Home Respite

AMJaMB In-Home Respite will evolve as we carefully listen, and learn about what is important to a person and the family and caregivers that support them.


how many hours or days per month?

Respite care is usually for a few hours during the day. The total number of respite hours are allocated by the regional center.  

things to know