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                                                              My Life
                                         by Jim H.

 I have always been a good bike rider.

One day I went out for a nice ride and

I saw something cool. There were

people paying for a Pedi-cab ride on

a bike. I went to one of the Pedi-cabers

and asked how to get a job doing it. 

They told me who to talk to and his

name was Jimmy.

 Jimmy told me everything I needed

to know about riding a Pedi-cab.

After 5 years of renting a Pedi-cab

I told myself that I should buy my own,

so I did just that.  I got one Pedi-cab

and then 2 years later I got 5 more. I then opened up my own shop and

continued to expand.  At one point I was overseeing 15 Pedi-cabs.

 Running a Pedi-cab business is not easy. You have to be responsible for the repairs and up keep on the bikes. I was responsible for renting my bikes out to people to do the Pedi-cabbing. I was the only Pedi-cab business in town who was insured and licensed within the city. Jims Pedi-cabs was in business for 16 years and was well known and respected around Chico.

                                                                        I also have a medically fragile daughter and I                                                                                 knew I needed to earn more money to better                                                                               care for her. I talked to my service coordinator                                                                           and he mentioned a new business that was                                                                                  starting up called the Call Connection. I called                                                                            and requested an interview. Shortly after I was                                                                          hired and was one of their first employees.

In December of 2014 after being with the Call Connection for about 6 months I gave up my Pedi-cab business to be home more with my daughter. She is now 4 years old and doing wonderful. I have continued with my job at the Call Connection and am now the CCOA (Call Connection Office Assistant). My years of hard work have paid off and I am now a full-time employee.

 All of my life I have been told what I can and cannot do. I was told because of my disabilities I would never be able to drive, I would never live on my own and I would never work in a full-time job. Looking back at my favorite TV show as a kid, Mr. Rodgers. I remember him saying I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. He was right. Never give up.