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My Brother, Jamie

Everyone has at least one person in their lives who inspire us to do more and to be more.  One of those people for me, is my brother.  His name is James..but we call him Jamie.

Jamie was diagnosed with autism when he was younger.

While growing up with him, my sister and I learned many things about autism and other developmental disabilities.  We met so many diverse and fantastic people, just like my brotyher.

We did not have your typical brother and sister relationship when we were children.  He did not tease me or bother me or any of the usual things that older brothers do.  Instead, he was respectful and giving, even allowing me to play with his "Star Wars" and "Hot Wheels" toys with him.  Of course, there were times when he did not want to have anybody bother him and he just wanted to be by himself.  he would go in his room and stay there for hours.  My sister and I could be very loud at times, and I know for a fact that we could be very irritating!

Our time growing up together was not perfect.  Jamie could get upset very easily if it was too loud or if there was any change in our schedule or in his routine.  As children, my sister and I did not understand what was going on with our brother when he was havving issues.

Now that I am grown up, with a child of my own with autism, I have an understanding of what he was and is now experiencing.

Jamie has a very productive and social life.  he works at the ARC Store full-time in Oroville and Chico, and he also takes many classes such as art and dance class.  he goes to many community activities, movies, and other outings with his friends and housemates.

He lives in a house with five other roommates.  He has his own room with his own things.  With assistance from the staff that works there, Jamie cooks, cleans, does laundry and even does his own sewing.

Jamie is a wonderful uncle to his five nephews.  he is always concerned if one or more of them are sick; and he enjoys spending time with them.  At times, he can get a little overwhelmed with the amoutn of noise that five boys can make and how much energy they have, but he is very patient and supportive of them.

My brother lies his life to the best of his ability.  He works hard, and spends time with his friends and family just like eeryone else.  he doesn't worry about what other people might think of him.  He just does what we all should do.  He lives his life the best way he can.  He truly is an inspiration to me and to all who cross his path.  I am proud to call Jamie my brother.