To prepare students for competitive jobs in the community because a job can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride.  

Questions and Answers

Q.  What is a work ethic?

A. Work ethic is the most important part of keeping a job.  It means showing up on time, wearing clothes appropriate for the workplace, being courteous to customers, to co-workers, and to supervisors.

Q.  The mentorship program will, in part take place at The Call Connection.  What is that?

 A.                         The Call Connection makes

                                   friendly phone calls to 

                                   people who are lonely,

 have medical concerns and would like to be checked on, or because a loved one is concerned about them.

Q  Are people with disabilities hired at The Call Connection and make phone calls?

A.  Yes, and employees are also clients of the regional center.  

Mentorship Services


JAMMB'n offers a program to adult students with disabilities who are planning a transition from school to work that will:

                Support students in developing a                    work ethic.

                       Introduce students to                                              options for work through

                      The Call Connection, an  AMJaMB program offering employment.  

                 Support students in professional                     development.

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