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Brisco would notice every customer as they approached the salon and was sure to be at the door to open it for them.  He would greet the customer by their name, inquire about their families, and on rainy days, Brisco would run out the door with an umbrella to cover them until they go inside.

During Christmas one year, I was handing out Christmas bonuses to the employees, Brisco included.  His overly exuberant reaction surprised me.

I found out later that Brisco had given his bonus to a woman he knew with two small chidlren. The family had run into hard times when the children's father was injured, and Brisco helped them out as much as he could.  I only came to know this because the woman came to thank me.

Brisco never said a thing.

I learned about true gift-giving that day.  It isn't about what a person gets in return for giving a gift, and it's not about fanfare, or accolades.

Now, I don't concern myself with getting something in return when giving a gift, but I am always rewarded by the good a gift from the heart can bring.

Because Brisco was in my life, I learned about patience, acceptance, and how to treat people kindly.  Brisco was a gentle and kind man, just like my grandfater and my dad.

​I leared a lot from these three men.  They helped shape who I am today.  


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