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Ben turned 21 on September 20, 2010.  At a glance, his room is not entirely what I would have expected for him as a young adult.  Seldom do things turn out exactly how I think they should. 

Ben's room is a a masculine, colorful, comfortable room, and pictures of family  and pets adorn the walls.  There are a few things that disturb the flow of such a fabulous room, like  the hospital bed, the oxygen tank, the CPAP machine, the suctioning machine, and the built in lift system.  Or does it?

Ben actually finds all these disturbances very entertaining; a bed that moves up and down, wearing a mask at night that blows air and that fact that his eyes are taped shut so they don't dry out, is an absolute trip.  The ride in the lift system from his bed to the bathtub is hilarious and possibly the most entertaining.    

When Ben wakes in the morning, the mask comes off; the suctioning machine turns on, his window opens up to one more beautiful day he has been blessed to enjoy.  Though he is considered "blind," I know he sees everything he needs to.  Though he is "deaf," he hears the birds chirping, the wood peckers pecking, the doves cooing, the donkeys honking, the frogs croaking, the dogs barking, the creek babbling, and the wind blowing through the pine and oak trees that are everywhere.  How I know this is not demonstrated in any medical professional logs, but from years of observing and getting to know my son.  Frankly, the medical logs say something entirely different and a few medical professionals have rolled their eyes at me.

I so enjoy learning from Ben.   We have had a few chuckles over what people think they know about us--about him.  It's our secret.  

What I would have chosen for Ben's life, is not the life he has.  I wonder if he would want a different life than the one he knows and loves now?  

I think not.

Ben at 21

​a glimpse