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Supported living, employment,  and day services  


Personal Support and Assistance

Personal assistance is provided in the home and in the natural environments of the community.

Acquiring and Using Adaptive Devices

AMJaMB will act as a liaison between the individual and technical advisors and sources of funds with regard to acquisition, maintenance, and use of adaptive devices or assistive technology an individual needs to enjoy all aspects of life.

Mobility Training

AMJaMB will assist individuals in obtaining the necessary skills to navigate his or her community, which includes location of stores, community, events, medical care, friends' homes, etc.  This will include the use of public transportation.

Medical Services

Staff will help individuals to identify and locate all options for receiving medical services.

Circle of Support

The natural evolution of a person's circle of support will be honored.  

Natural Learning Enviroments

Complex social and communication skills are more easily learned in a person's community environment

Pets and Canine Companions

Staff will assist individuals in acquiring and caring for animal companions that are either trained for providing assistance or simply because an individual desire the companionship of a pet.

Decision Making

Individuals may need support in learning to make safe choices, including budgetary matters, personnel decisions, and planning for special events.


AMJaMB will assist individuals in finding and securing a home which is both safe and what the individual desires

Self-determination acknowledges the rights of people with disabilities to take charge of and take responsibility for their lives; regardless of the severity of the disability.  

In self-determination, the individual, not the service provider, deciedes:

  • Where he or she will live, and with whom;
  • What type of services he or she requires, and who will provide them;
  • How he or she will spend his or her time.
  • ​How he or she will relate to the community

Interactions will be in reciprocal ways, rather than task oriented ways, and special events, accomplishments, and important relationships in a person's life will be honored and celebrated.  Humor, relating in kind ways, and listening very carefully to what people are saying are vital aspects of the support AMJaMB provides

Supported Living Services