We inspire those around us to discover self-esteem and a sense of personal value



Supported living, employment,  and day services  



Michael's autism is not who he is; it's a perspective he has.

Every letter and color in

represents the love and respect Domenic and Terry have for all of their children and their uniqueness.  Before entering the office, they glance at the sign on their office door and reaffirm AMJaMB's philosophy that every person is as much a natural part of the human experience as Anthony, Michael, Joseph,  and  Michelle  and  Ben are.  


Supported living Services, Beyond Inclusion Day Services, and

The Call Connection

strive to be examples of how people with disabilities can be and are a part of the natural course of life. AMJaMB is about giving, quality of life, self-esteem, and being appreciated for one's presence in the world in which we all live.

              grew from the hearts of it's co-owners, Domenic Console and Terry Kozloff--each of them a parent of a child with disabilities.  Domenic's son Michael, has autism; Terry's son Ben, in deaf-blind, and quadriplegic.

Ben is not a victim of his blindess; he can see things those of us with eyes cannot. Ben is not bound to his wheelchair; it gives him freedom.